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First steps with Rust

I’ve started this blog to note my efforts on learning a new programming language. I’m a life-long pupil currently at my 44th year of learning the world. I’m physically located in Hungary, while I feel myself mentally living around the planet.

Before my current job I was working as Java developer for 2 years. Although I’ve always had interest in learning new software development technologies, I’ve been working as an embedded software developer since 2003, mainly programming in C on bare metal.

I think I was the first who used Python at our company for writing some software tools, but I quickly found the lack of static typing very disturbing in bigger projects. For a private web development project that I also worked in PHP for a year, but it has never been my language.

So I had a tour to the opposite end, and I started to learn Haskell, and I really enjoyed writing small tricky recursive functions, I also liked the idea of monads, and applicative, and so on. But as I think as I’ve started this language quite old, and I’m getting impatient with myself, so I gave it up just before I could understand the world of the monad transformers. So basically I never felt myself comfortable in Haskell enough to write real world applications.

But as I found people in the Haskell community had an interest in the newly shining Rust language, I started it, too, and well, I think I found it. I think this is the language I was looking for. I’m not saying I’m very good in it, but I started this blog to share my learning experiences with it.

Rust learner